by HYLMAN - Consulting Centrale

1.     Service Offering

This is a full service for HYLMAN to provide a complete end to end procurement process for projects above the defined thresholds under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. The service provided must be fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, including the relevant advertising within the Find a Tender Service and Contracts Finder. HYLMAN will take full ownership of delivering the project, from the strategy and approach, to the day to day management and all tasks associated with delivering the project.

1.1   Pre-Procurement Process

  • Advise client on the procurement processes available and the most suitable route to satisfy their needs;
  • Define the appropriate procurement strategy to meet the needs of the client;
  • Review and advise on the appropriateness of existing contracts within the client organisation to determine whether they can be better utilised, to aggregate requirements;
  • Lead initial market engagement to provide better understanding of the feasibility of the requirements and the capacity of the market to deliver;
  • Provide advice on and encourage the inclusion of SMEs;
  • Develop and maintain a risk register for the project; and
  • Advise on conflicts of interest.

1.2   Specification

  • Support the identification of client requirements and the development of an appropriate specification from a compliance and procurement perspective. HYLMAN will not be required to provide clinical advice or other technical input which remains the responsibility of the client; and
  • Review the specification for completeness.

1.3   Invitation to Tender Documentation

  • Identify relevant terms and conditions for the project;
  • Prepare all tender documentation required for the project, including but not limited to:
    • Standard Selection Questionnaire
    • Invitation to Tender
    • Evaluation Criteria
    • Financial and Non-Financial Evaluation documentation

1.4   Issue of Tender documentation

  • Prepare and post associated Find a Tender Service and Contracts Finder procurement notices electronically
  • Management of bidder clarification question process including response to all clarification questions

1.5   Post tender

  • Evaluation of tender responses
  • Management of post tender clarification question process including response to all clarifications
  • Award Process (including standstill periods where applicable)
  • Preparation of debriefs for all bidders
  • If required, facilitate and arrange evaluation briefings, evaluation and moderation meetings and document all outputs
  • Facilitate and arrange bidder presentations (if appropriate)
  • Prepare contract award documentation
  • Prepare ratification reports containing the decision-making process on the selection for approval by the client
  • Issue award debrief documentation to all bidders and start standstill (if appropriate)
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions (if applicable)
  • Prepare and post associated Find a Tender Service and Contracts Finder Contract Award Notices
  • Provide information to client to ensure new contracts let are recorded in client’s contracts register

1.   Service Offering

2.1   Ensure project timescales are estimated and agreed with the client prior to project initiation, and that project milestones are met within given deadlines
2.2   Provide brief weekly updates to the client including:
·    Status of current projects
·    Planned projects
·    Any issues identified
2.3   Provide detailed quarterly reports to the client including:
·    Project status
·    Savings realised
·    Any known service issues
·    Identified risks
·    Contracts awarded
·    Any other reports to be agreed with the client
2.4   Attend contract review meetings on a quarterly basis at a location to be agreed between the two parties. The Review Meeting will consist of:
·    Update on project plans
·    Performance against Key Performance Indicators
·    Identified Service issues
·    Suggestions for service improvements

3.     Training, Regulation and Legal Aspects

3.1     Maintain up to date knowledge and experience on all procurement related topics, in particular appropriate procedures, processes and policies/legislation, Cabinet Office Policy and strategy with specific understanding of the Health and Public Sectors.
3.2     Support the client on any challenges that may arise during and after the procurement process, and provide support on any dispute resolution.
3.3     Provide procurement guidance and updates on relevant procurement issues or challenges.
3.4     Provide advice on the risks associated with competition, transparency, equal treatment, quality and efficiency of the services being procured.
3.5     Implement and maintain an information and security management plan, and if requested, provide evidence of conformance to the Data Protection Act and any associated legislation.

2.5   Applicable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be agreed between the client and the successful tenderer at call off contract award.  The following KPIs will apply as a minimum: ·     Work Plan and Project Delivery: Ensure all projects on the work plan are delivered in accordance with individual timelines and relevant procurement regulations. HYLMAN will provide a monthly report detailing project title, client lead, value, procurement process, timeline, anticipated savings and current status. Audit Compliance: HYLMAN is to provide contracts/project information within 48 hours when requested by the client, or it’s appointed external auditors. Client Satisfaction: HYLMAN must ensure all stakeholders are satisfied with the procurement service. This will be measured through the completion of client feedback forms at the conclusion of each procurement project. Customer satisfaction must be minimum 90%. The client feedback forms will be developed by HYLMAN and agreed with the client prior to use. Promptness in dealing with client enquiries: HYLMAN must respond to all client enquiries within 48 hours of the request.

4.   Customer Service and Support

4.1     Ensure regular communications with nominated client leads.
4.2    Escalate any issue that may occur to the relevant senior manager.
4.3    Work with a client’s procurement team to identify savings opportunities.
4.4    Inform and seek approval for all procurement projects through the delegatedpoint of contact within the client’s team.
4.5    Appoint a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact for the client’sprocurement team.
4.6    Advise on Freedom of Information request and obligations (where these relateto procurement activity undertaken for the client).