Livelihood, Health, Wellbeing

Hylman is a next-generation parent company based in Paris, France that houses revolutionary projects in stagnant industries with the utilization of hi-tech, artificially intelligent, and smart systems. All projects stem from a deep understanding of the industry, it’s needs, and challenges, rooted from our personal long-term experiences. From Advisory to Real Estate to Automotive and General Trading.

From a brief overview, systematic changes are a necessary push for an idealistic approach, with the constant adaptation to improvements and environmental alterations. We take one step at a time, striving to creating the world’s next need for the professional audience.

  • Hasan

    Founder & president


Livelihood, Health and Wellbeing Policy

HYLMAN is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of all employees. It is recognised that work has an impact on the mental and physical health of employees, and HYLMAN is committed to making that a positive commitment.

Effective employee wellbeing will be achieved by:

 Encouraging employees to seek work-life balance

 Providing medical assistance to employees

 Encouraging employee fitness

 Promoting dignity at work

 Minimising the stressful impacts of work
Managing sickness absence effectively.

Work-life Balance:

 All employees with at least 1 year continuous service are entitled to request flexible Working setting if they have not made a similar request in the past 12 months. HYLMAN Will address all requests sympathetically and will try to meet all requests when the needs of the business allow.

 Requests to work from home will be given careful consideration. A request will only be allowed if it will not have a negative impact on the smooth operation of the organisation. Employees must note that some jobs can never be successfully carried out from home.

 Employees who are allowed to work from home will be expected to attend the workplace at least 5 times per month. This will allow effective communication, and ensure that the employee does not feel isolated from the work team.

 Employees who work part time will be encouraged to attend team briefings. To achieve this, the timing of team briefings will vary to cover the different working patterns of employees.

Providing Medical Assistance to Employees and Promoting Healthy Options To promote the health of all employees, HYLMAN will do the following:

 Provide private health insurance for all employees. Details of the scheme will be given to the employee in their contract of employment.

 Provide access to a confidential counselling service. This service is not run by HYLMAN and no information about who has used the service, or why it has been used, is given to HYLMAN. Details of the counselling service can be found on the company’s intranet.

 Promote healthy eating.

 Support employees trying to give up smoking.

Encouraging Employee Fitness
To promote exercise and fitness, HYLMAN will do the following:

  Provide subsidised gym membership where applicable. Employees must abide by the terms and conditions of the membership agreement.

 From time to time, events will be arranged for employees to participate in fitness activities. It is aimed to arrange at least one charity run each year, with similar events taking place throughout the year. Employees wishing to arrange an event should contact the HR Department

Promoting Dignity at Work
HYLMAN believes that all employees should be able to work without fear of being harassed or distressed by their colleagues, customers or other contacts in the workplace:

  Any employee who is distressed by events at work and believes that their dignity has been violated or they have suffered harassment should talk to their line manager. This will be addressed in confidence.

  If it is not appropriate to speak to the line manager employees should speak to a member of the HR department.

  The organisation will add promptly to investigate any allegations of unaccept able behaviour in the workplace.

  The organisation will support employees in getting over any distress that has been caused.

  Employees who harass colleagues, or engage in otherwise upsetting behaviour, could be subject to disciplinary action.

  All jobs can have times when the work is particularly busy, or particularly demanding. HYLMAN recognises this and will support employees by allowing regular breaks for the employee to rest from these demands.

  Employees are not expected to be answering emails from home in the evenings or after completing their day work schedule. If employees find that they are regularly needing to work from home after their day work schedule they must discuss this with their line manager to try to find a solution.

  HYLMAN will always take steps to cover the absence of colleagues, without putting undue demands on other employees.

  if employees are struggling to cope with the demands of their job they should discuss this with their line manager or a member of the HR Department.

Managing Sickness Absence Effectively:

  Employees who are absent due to sickness must adhere to the Sickness Absence Procedure.

  Employees should not return to work if medical advice is that they are not fit to work.

  Employees who have been absent from work for a lengthy period of time will usually be expected to return to work on a phased return programme. This will be agreed between the employee and their line manager.

  While an employee is on sickness absence leave their line manager will keep in touch. The purpose of this will be to ensure that key communications are sent to the employee, and to ensure that the employee still feels part of the work team.

Managing Sickness Absence Effectively:

1. Increased control and knowledge
  a. Employees are provided more control over their roles and delivery responsibilities with initiatives that include training and awareness.   b. Line managers are encouraged to improve their employees’ knowledge and abilities with best industry practices associated with the latest techniques. 2. Flexibility on work settings and timing
  a. HYLMAN provides employees with high work pressure hybrid schedules and work settings to freely choose their timings and place of work provided that the preference does not clash, conflict, or affect working operations. 3. Private channels to raising concerns and issues
  a. Line managers must provide every employee with a dedicated channel to raise their concerns that must be acted upon and investigated to ensure the swift resolution in privacy and at the concerned parties’ discretion. 4. Adequate staffing
  a. HYLMAN ensures that every role is filled adequately, quickly, and not distributed among other employees, keeping specialization and responsibilities for expertise appropriately. 5. Support employees’ personal needs and requests
  a. All line managers must receive personal needs and review them diligently as part of the internal feedback and suggestions for improvement. 6. Socially incubating and professional environment
  a. All employees at HYLMAN must feel socially incubated, welcomed, and part of the organization without any prejudice or personal social inclinations.

Signed and approved by
Hassan and Yaman Al-Shama
Cofounders of HYLMAN