by HYLMAN - Consulting Centrale

All business and trade practices that do not result in a free and fair exchange of goods and services, all forms of deceit and dishonesty in business, are prohibited at HYLMAN. This includes the kind of practices and services provided by HYLMAN, as well as the kind of projects and clients HYLMAN serves.

HYLMAN Group and its subsidiaries, ventures, partners, affiliates, contractors, employees, management, suppliers, and any other natural person or legal entity representing or working with or on behalf of HYLMAN are prohibited to support or service clients in the following industries, or for the benefit of operations in the following industries:

  •   Adult entertainment and services
  •   Alcohol and alcohol-related products
  •   Instruments of conventional finance (Interest-related, excessive risk/uncertainty)
  •   Gambling and gaming of chance
  •   Mind-altering drugs and related products
  •   Pork and pork-related products
  •   Pornography
  •   Tobacco and tobacco-related products

This policy is very strict and binds every natural person or legal entity related to HYLMAN. It can never be altered, modified, changed, or ignored. It can only include further classifications of prohibited businesses.