High Calibre Partners

Through our expansion plans, HYLMAN is looking to recruit high caliber partner-grade consultants worldwide with substantial experience in their regions respectively. As part of a global strategy, selected partners will make up the managerial board that HYLMAN is projecting to lead its vast network of talents in a very efficient and sustainable way.

We are Hylman

With no limit to the type of industry, our vast pool of consulting talents can support in the delivery of any kind of project needs and complexity for all client sizes.

Professionals that take on the role of partners are equipped with the support from the Group across every operation and the responsibility to represent HYLMAN in the best way.

Through significant flexibility, the management of HYLMAN is open to recruiting Partners on a rolling basis and accommodating the requests of interested candidates at all times.

Through aggressive growth, people are key to success
  • Hasan

    Founder & president


Requisites & Eligibility

   Ability to lead the regional offices in all kinds of activities, from sales to delivery

   Substantial network in the private and/or public sector

   Ability to find, acquire and retain client leads of all sizes

   Ability to meet aggressive KPIs with a strong suit to land deals frequently, swiftly and recurrently

   Ability to source and win contracts from the private and public sector

   Have a strong short and long term vision to the growth and sustainability of business

   Have a special methodology of approach that provides a competitive edge and optimal customer satisfaction

   Ability to strategize and deliver upon that strategy with contingencies in place

   Hunter spirit and motivated to successfully land the deals with no thought of giving up

   Excellent interpersonal, social and communication skills

   Compliance with the international standards, best practices, policies, and diligences of the Group effectively

   Ability to work with the deployed team, other partners and overall Group

Do you believe you have what it takes?

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