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  • Proficiently placing experts,
    at most cost-effective rates
    across various positions and companies

Any kind of profession, talent, position, grade, expertise, skill, or location, we have that covered. Through our vast network of professionals worldwide, HYLMAN has reached astonishing numbers of talents that are readily available and deployable for any kind of position or service, temporary or permanently, at the most effective rates.

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HYLMAN has a network of

100,000+ talents worldwide

which covers all kinds of industries, skillsets, grades, backgrounds, and positions of experts who are very keen to work with you.

We leverage your incentives and remuneration schemes to help place the perfect candidate with you without compromising quality.

This is done through our dedicated team's full fledged support on recruitment, from profile creation all the way to delivery, as well as post-delivery support.

Our team at Hylman’s

Intelligence and research lab will always support in conducting thorough analysis and evaluation on every particular position.

This results in the production of salary insights that provides a full picture on how salaries, historically and forwardly, look like through detailed reports with trends, market values, packages, incentives, and more.

Get full support and insights

Get full support and insights on the perfect remuneration package that:

  • Cuts down the operational expenses of recruitment, design, search, and evaluation
  • Reduce unnecessary administrative costs
  • Avoid hidden costs
  • Achieves value for money
  • Be happy with the recruit
  • Our approach to recruitment by HYLMAN

HYLMAN places great importance on equality. This is always achieved and promised through all kinds of recruitment activities to ensure equal opportunity is given to all persons.

Refer to our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion policy for more information.

Dedicated approach to ensure equal treatment:

  Multicultural team of recruiters to avoid associative discrimination/discrimination by association.

  Ensure positive action in recruitment.

  Empower HYLMAN’s diversity policy and promote its importance to all teams, recruiters, and employees.

  Having several rounds of interviews and tests, panel/collectively and by other recruitment members, at separate times, to avoid unconscious bias. This comes after reflecting upon the recruiters to accept that this bias exists.

  Conduct interviews as per the Equality Human Rights Code, EHRC, guideline to assess and conduct the recruitment activities bias-free and objectively with full rights provisions. This will be overseen by a guideline enforcer from HYLMAN.

  Inquire with the interviewees if they have any special requirements to accommodate.

  Ask the candidates after the entire process has passed if they ever felt bias or discrimination of any sort and at what time, stage, possible reason and by who. If yes, this would be investigated immediately by a third-person not involved directly to ensure that all fairness has been provided, and if the claim was proven true policy violators would undergo sanctions according to severity for violation and potential impact on the timeplan for delivery, and the candidate will be given another chance.

What's good about working with us:

  We are MORE cost-effective than recruitment agencies or headhunters, and deliver BETTER results

  We provide FREE advisory to our clients who used our services on all kinds of HR, salary, and business management related issues

  We provide FASTER deployment and mobilisation

  Guaranteed DIFFERENTIATED results with maximised diversity, inclusion, and mindpower

  We have a HUGE network and can leverage that to your advantage from the first service to the next (you'll love our services and definitely come back to us)

  We give you HIGHER level of human capital with dedicated vetting and training

  We provide you a DEDICATED access to track, hire, sign, legalize, communicate, and discuss your needs SEAMLESSLY

  Achieve SPECIAL added value with every delivery

  We are your ONE STOP SHOP for your recruitment needs

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