Consulting Services,

offered with absolute differentiation at HYLMAN

Team focused

HYLMAN’s team-based client service approach maximizes partnership with our clients and minimizes their risk. It is comprised of leadership, partners and directors, full-time consulting task teams, senior experts, subject matter experts, support staff, dedicated research lab, industry knowledge analytics, tools and advanced intelligence that are made available to all the teams involved in every engagement 24/7.

Consultants involved in a project are specialised experts in their fields and at all times support each other plus further deployed branches of our delivery teams that will contribute to the maximum value for the client at every workstream we take.

Global firepower and intelligence

HYLMAN operates a global management and legal consultancy, Consulting Centrale, which powers advanced intelligence and enhanced capabilities for optimal advisory efficiency while retaining a vast pool of professionally qualified talents and experts worldwide in all sectors, fields, and industries that are readily available and deployable based on the required specialty and skill.

HYLMAN’s vast dedicated professional pool of talents worldwide includes all kinds of experts, those of which that are readily available for deployment and are the primary and project-preferred subject matter experts that will be deployed immediately, and others that are more international and can be called in within short notice. Through its network at Consulting Centrale, HYLMAN retains a network of 100,000+ specialised experts worldwide.

Backed by fully data driven insights

HYLMAN is fully equipped with a private research lab that provides extensive insights to its teams at all times on a variety of topics, analysis, experiments, information, insights, and knowledge with accuracy driven data from research based on intelligence and expertise.

HYLMAN uses this lab for evaluating the best approaches to its projects, not only from a domestic business perspective but also encompasses diversified international knowledge and data that can bring a unified solution for the benefit of the client to achieve optimal value and deliver efficient, unlimited results.

Wide array of support at all times

All HYLMAN’s teams are supported by dedicated communications, graphics, IT, and administrative specialists. The number of experts, knowledge professionals, data analytics specialists, supplementary resources, and support personnel we use on any given engagement depends upon the complexity and requirements of the deliverables involved in the work and the needs of the project.

It is always assured, under HYLMAN’s quality management system, that the number of experts we use are optimal and maximized for efficiency and cost effectiveness. This all-encompassing support is built into our policies.

Actively recruiting, actively staffing

To preserve our quality standards, maintain 0% staff shortage, and meet the delivery criteria efficiently and equally for every project, HYLMAN is an active member in the worldwide community for hiring talented professionals. As part of Consulting Centrale’s expanding network strategy, HYLMAN actively sources, hires or recruits professionals all around the world.

Through dedicated headhunting, recruiting, HR and tech-driven enrolling, the expertise at HYLMAN never fades, always adapts, and keeps on growing.