HYLMAN’s Excellence

Strategic analysis framework for a company's success in tomorrow's business environment

Tested and practiced with success, HYLMAN has developed a strategic analysis framework applicable to companies as a whole and their strategic management that can be applied in all professional/academic contexts for developing a ringfenced strategic model and process to support a company in being able to thrive and survive the comings of tomorrow.


To sustainably enhance, ringfence, strengthen, and safeguard a company as a whole for tomorrow.

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The following are the key points:

1. Modernity
   a. Innovation and solutions
   b. Adaptability and coping with change
   c. Utilizing the latest advancements and self promoting

2. Opportunistic
   a. Hunt and chase
   b. Be there and be ready
   c. Self-applying and targeted

3. Unified Belief
   a. One mission and shared vision
   b. Common goals and objectives

4. Scaling Cash Flows
   a. Profit sharing
   b. Cost optimization and lower fixed costs
   c. Maximized ROI by leveraging equity over debt

5. Results Oriented
   a. Ends over journey
   b. Success focused
   c. Dream big, work hard

6. Quick
   a. On your feet
   b. Fast thinking, fast implementation
   c. Brave action

7. Experiential Learning
    a. Learn from the past
    b. Build upon and self improving

8. Master of All Trades
    a. Be everywhere and be knowledgeable
    b. Be involved and be decisive
    c. Be supportive and be complimenting

9. Informed
    a. Data and information
    b. Analysis and analytics

10. Purpose Oriented
    a. Long term sustainable
    b. Persistent and determined
    c. Planning and developing

11. Diversity
    a. Diverse portfolio, clients, and opportunities
    b. Diverse team, people, and thinking
    c. Diverse methodologies, approaches, and skillsets

12. Competitive Empowerment
    a. Strengthening competitive edges
    b. Improvement with rivalry
    c. Ever growth, ever expanding

The above Excellence analytics are quantifiable on a scale, depending on the company’s preferences on how to number that, and it measures the extent a company’s strategists and strategy have unlocked from the capability as underlying in every category.

The main benchmark is a company’s main, and successful, competitor whether it be by category or by sector as a whole, which would put realistic limits on where a company’s ranking lies in the market.


The best way to understand a company’s Excellence is by distributing quantitative surveys to:

• Clients who have used their services and the services of other competitors (recom mended),
• Stakeholders who have a wider picture of how things are operating, both internally and externally,
• Operational employees/ex-employees who know the ins and outs of the company’s processes, and
• External third party business consultants who analyzed the company and other companies using the framework.