Hylman is a next-generation parent company based in Paris, France that houses revolutionary projects in stagnant industries with the utilization of hi-tech, artificially intelligent, and smart systems. All projects stem from a deep understanding of the industry, its needs, and challenges, rooted from our personal long-term experiences. From Advisory to Real Estate to Automotive and General Trading.

From a brief overview, systematic changes are a necessary push for an idealistic approach, with the constant adaptation to improvements and environmental alterations. We take one step at a time, striving to creating the world’s next need for the professional audience.

  • Hasan

    Cofounder and CEO


  • Hasan

    Cofounder and President


With fully dedicated teams at every service line worldwide, we are always there to support your need.

We are committed to sustainable, inclusive, and optimal growth of your business.

  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Implementation and delivery
  • Structure
  • Operations of an organisation Identification of options with
  • Identification of options with recommendations.

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Why HYLMAN is the perfect partner?

We believe that real, sustained change is not only necessary, but possible, and that true leadership extends beyond the walls of the workplace – improving individuals, families, communities and, ultimately, society. We’ve seen it with our clients. We live it ourselves.

What Hylman do?

Preparing for your business success with cutting edge solutions.

For a HNWI client into real estate – Full-fledged feasibility and strategy for real estate investmen...
For a new venture of a local confectionary chain - Business cases and planning for the proper runnin...
For a tire manufacturer – review of the operating model and subcontracting/manufacturing decision m...

We help companies scale their strategic and operational capacities

We are committed to sustainable and inclusive growth of your business.

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Trusted by 100,000+ experts worldwide

Ready and deployable to service and support any kind of client needs

Manually vetted and selected for every mobilisation and project engagement, our delivery teams will find the best approach to support your needs with a diverse, out of the box, determined, and motivated thinking that will stop at nothing until you are fully optimized.

  How we work

We Can Take Your Business To The Next Level.

We match skillsets with experts who can meet your exact tailored needs efficiently and cost effectively.

  •  We always ensure the best support for our customers at all times.
  •  We implement our solutions with data driven analysis and justification.
  •  We design and deliver detailed and objective recommendations.
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A collection of unlimited capabilities driven by determination, intellect and social responsibility

A network of 100,000+ talents worldwide looking for sustainable change

  •  Innovating to net zero
  •  Investing in future leaders
  •  Developing a thriving workforce
  •  Making a case for a new kind of growth

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