Step 1

Identifying/Understanding Client’s bespoke Recruitment Needs

Hiring Manager & Account Manager, and their senior teams, will schedule convenient but comprehensive initial meetings with the client’s personnel in order to fully understand the company’s structure and organization, its culture and directive as well as the position, duties and requirements, "perfect” candidate, and the profiles of the other existing candidates related to and affecting this position.

Managers will often be accompanied with seasoned recruiters who will provide advice on the spot through a two-way thought cloud during the meetings to ensure maximum profitability through the right profile. The team will ensure that they fully grasped the request following the meetings by assessing, evaluating options and producing a brief paper that summarizes all position-related merits and skills in order to fully understand the bespoke requirements of the expert needed and double-check with the client for final approval.

If the team requires additional followup after the meeting, the managers will be in touch with the client either through written communications or by meeting. Following the approval on the paper and the end of this stage, our account manager will produce and share a recruitment strategy to the client that communicates a detailed project plan, strategy and objectives, timeline, stages, failure and backup operations, gantt chart, deliverables expected and project budget (including any costs beyond the costs of base services that are requested ensuring all fall within scope, best industry practices and agreeable terms).

Recruitment Flow

We’d love to hear what you are working on. Our hiring process is very simple and easy.

Step 2

Job Profile Development

Following the initial meetings, and having developed corporate understanding, we apply our analytical skills and experience to evaluate the position in order to specify in depth the competencies and technical know-how required from the right candidates, and thus develop the right courses to attain the required candidates, firstly within HYLMAN’s talent network and further by press advertisements, for the search to obtain the client’s approval.

Step 3

Search Design

As each search engagement possesses different characteristics, we customise each search project by mapping the market firstly. We determine where it will be most likely to locate suitable prospects, what industries or specific companies should we target and what positions can the suitable candidates occupy. We determine sources of information by utilising our extensive database (with information specialised on candidate search), our active up-dated and computerised files, our extensive contacts and network in the market, specialised publications, industry data and reports, internet sites etc.

We use a dedicated data-driven approach within the search design in line with the customer’s expectations with regards to the broader use of data to monitor performance and pools of candidates to optimise our chances of match during an active approach and analyse our own performance against relevant KPIs. We have a strong analytics culture and scientists to support a fully transparent data-driven performance management and continuous improvement process. We champion innovation in what we do and have a part of our staff time dedicated to simulating new technologies in the field of recruitment.

This, so far, has led to our established vast pool of diversly prequalified and specialized experts worldwide that we will target mainly to achieve optimized cost effectiveness and avoid unnecessary risks that may impact the financial or operational plan of the delivery. Our objective is typically to identify an adequate number of initially qualified candidates and to form a “long list” of a few potential candidates. Having reached a suitable “long list” the process moves to step 4.

Step 4

Candidate Evaluation

Having identified potential candidates, we proceed to the evaluation phase. Important points of this stage are in-depth interviewing, assessing the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, carefully comparing candidates’ credentials with the agreed profile, evaluating cultural fitness and rapport with the client organisation, regulatory and compliance checks, scrutinizing career advancement as well as examining their technical and work specific experience. Lastly their potential impacts on the organization, their motivation and other broader considerations such as personal circumstances (family, travelling, relocation, abilities, etc.)

  The team will firstly plan, produce, and organize selection stages with the candidates to analyse their responses prior to further stages of interviewing to filter out fit/unfit candidates and evaluate their technical capabilities and score them/rank them according to criteria matching the skillset, expertise and requests of the client. Ranking will variate throughout the stages until final shortlisting.
  Hylman’s exclusive partners, directors, and managers would then carry out the screening, interviewing, assessment and reporting. Needless to say, participants from the client/hiring Managers are always welcomed.
  The assessment reporting is extensive and includes in-depth information on past experiences, achievements, competencies, development areas, etc.
  Additional assessment is possible, upon the client’s request, using specially designed in-tray exercises that assist in identifying important managerial characteristics such as decision making, analytical skills, leadership skills, others.
  Detailed references (at least two) are discretely collected, upon Client’s request and candidate’s consent, from former employees, business associates or even social and academic acquaintances. During the time period of such an engagement the Client receives frequent progress reports, usually two, that include actions carried out, progress to date, suggestions for methodology alterations and approach redesign etc.

A senior recruiter from Hylman may pertain to hold workshop sessions may also taken place in several stages of the recruitment with varying objectives to further assess the candidates’ merits, teamwork, and other skills. This will be observed by Hylman’s recruitment team as well as the client’s team.

Step 5

Presentation of the Short List

Hylman’s Project lead and/or manager present all short-listed candidates to the Client/Hiring Manager in person (or remotely) in a meeting that thoroughly prepares the Client for the upcoming candidate interviews, what to expect, quantifying suitability with internally calculated ranks, and expectation.

Step 6


Hylman’s Project lead and managers are available to be present in all phases of the interview process until the finalization of a job offer. High-calibre candidates of these levels are often in preferred positions within companies and therefore may not feel the urgency to pursue new opportunities. This is where the experiences, diplomacy and skills that Hylman’s leadership possess that are extensively R&D’ed to be able to most likely influence these talents to come to an agreement with the client. In the rare case that the Client does not feel confident to offer the job to any of the short-listed candidates, hereby acknowledging unsuccessful search of the candidates, Hylman will submit an additional short-list that follow the entire steps in a quick and efficient format.

This, however, can only take place provided that:

  1. the initially agreed profile has not changed;
  2. further clarification and agreement on the desired candidate profile have been made;
  3. all short listed candidates have been interviewed within two weeks from

submitting the short list and the decision on non-suitability has been communicated to Hylman within two weeks from interviewing and all invoiced fees have been paid. The re-searching/re-resourcing efforts will often be managed and/or supported by other teams in order to allow proficient allocation of resources to all necessary operations. All teams involved in a delivery redo for recruitment will be involved in the quality assurance efforts.

Step 7

Decision/Finalization of Job Offer

When the Client has come to a decision on the preferred candidate, extensive compensation advice is available using our Compensation & Benefits guideline that contains detailed information on top candidate compensation for the entire market as well as individual business sectors. Hylman can also offer employee contract drafting advice.

Step 8

Client and Candidate Follow-up

As we place great importance on making sure that both the chosen candidate and the client are happy with their new working relationship, our services do not stop after the job offer and acceptance stage. We follow up at least twice during the first months of employment, with both the candidate hired and the company to receive feedback on their mutual level of satisfaction and, if required, proceed with necessary actions to support any requirement, issue, discrepancy, or assistance with the change.