Finance for non finance managers

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Robin Zaragoza
Robin Zaragoza

Robin is an experienced strategy consultant. Former PwC/Strategy & and Accenture, he has held leadership positions in multinational companies, as well as created and grown several businesses, in the UK and overseas. His expertise spans from business strategy to Mergers and Acquisitions and business internationalisation.

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Venue:     Online
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Course objectives:

The aim of this course is to provide a general understanding of financial concepts to management to leadership level people in small to medium organisation. This training is designed to take away as much of the technicalities as possible and focuses on what entrepreneurs and managers do need on their daily practice. This course will help you understand how finance is a useful tool to grow and steer your business.

Course content:

The course will cover the following aspects: 

  • Finance and accounting for the company: why is it for and what purpose does it serve? 
  • A matter of time and money, understanding the key principles of time value for money and its use in everyday’s business life.
  • Financial statements: what is it and how to read them? 
  • How finance is structured in a company, what is finance doing and why? How are the financial statements prepared? 
  • Basic understating of company performance evaluation. 
  • High level principles to evaluate a project’s performance. 

The course will be packed with real life examples, case studies and experience sharing between the delegates.

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