Modern Slavery Policy

HYLMAN is committed to respecting and supporting the dignity, well-being and human rights of our employees and those who we engage with through our supply chain. We seek to utilise ethical suppliers and expect their support in the identification of modern slavery risks throughout our supply chain.


Modern slavery is an ongoing issue worldwide.
Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. It takes various forms, such as:

  Slavery, servitude (coercing someone to provide services) and forced and compulsory labour;

  Human trafficking (arranging or facilitating the travel or movement of a victim with a view to them being exploited);

  Committing any offence with the intention to commit human trafficking; or

  Aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring any of the above offences,

All of these practices deprive individuals of their liberty in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain. Our company values instil in us the obligation to conduct our business with integrity.

HYLMAN Commitment to Anti-Slavery

HYLMAN is committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all business dealings and to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in our business or our supply chains.

Should HYLMAN become aware that any supplier does not meet the Modern Slavery Supplier Code of Conduct, we will engage directly with the supplier and develop an action plan to eradicate the practise in a transparent, timely and efficient manner. Should the supplier be uncooperative, the appropriate action will be taken, including terminating the business relationship, if necessary by HYLMAN.

Our Modern Slavery Supplier Code of Conduct

HYLMAN has approved a Modern Slavery Supplier Code of Conduct that sets out our expectations of our suppliers. HYLMAN will work collaboratively with those in our supply chain to identify and eradicate any instances of modern slavery.


HYLMAN is committed to ensuring adherence to this policy as part of its goal in preventing, detecting and reporting modern slavery in any part of our supply chain. We encourage all those working on the Company’s behalf to avoid any activity that might lead to, or suggest, a breach of this Policy.

Any suspected instances of modern slavery should be reported. Staff may report to their one-up manager; General Manager; HR or the Group Risk Manager. Staff and other reporting persons external to the business may also report using the Whistleblower hotline – refer to the HYLMAN Whistleblower Policy.

Reporting on our progress

Each year we will provide a Modern Slavery that describes the actions we have
taken to address Modern Slavery risks

Signed and approved by
Hassan and Yaman Al-Shama
Co-founders of HYLMAN

  • Hasan

    Founder & president