Hylman CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Commitment

HYLMAN’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy refers to our commitment as an organization beyond our core business objectives, as a responsible and ethical participant in the global community. We recognize that as a company, we have an impact on the world in which we live, and the people we interact with. Our actions impact our employees, our customers and suppliers, the communities in which we live and work, and the environment. CSR represents a Company’s commitment to operate in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable manner, while recognizing the interests of its stakeholders. As a result, CSR is closely linked with the practice of Sustainable Development, and extends beyond philanthropic activities and reaches out to the integration of social and business goals.

Our Philosophy

At HYLMAN, we have implemented and maintained a commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen and positive contributor to the global community since day one, connected to our full compliance and certification with ISO 14001:2015. We expect all of our employees to hold themselves to the highest ethical standards, and our corporate mission statement mandates that we will strive to positively impact the people we work with, the people we work for, and the communities we live in.

We live these values continuously through our policies and our actions, working to empower personal and professional growth for all of our employees, embrace diversity and inclusion as a tenet of our identity, follow responsible business practices and standards in our all dealings with clients and suppliers, and give back our time, money, and resources to our communities through philanthropy, volunteering, personal engagement, and pro-bono service.

    Policy Elements

  • HYLMAN strives to be a responsible business representing the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We reviewed global best practice guidelines and standards, including the Global ReportingInitiative (GRI), in order to help inform relevant policy areas. It is paramount that HYLMAN is aware of current environmental issues, and informs, educates, and stands with our people to improve the environment and minimize our impact through the adoption of sustainable practices. Our company’s social responsibilities are defined by both compliance and proactiveness. HYLMAN’s compliance refers to our commitment to upholding all legal requirements, and our willingness to observe, acknowledge, and respect community values and laws. Our proactiveness is manifested by emphasizing and recognizing human rights locally and globally, and actively engaging with our communities through volunteering, community service, pro-bono service, and philanthropy, while always protecting and respecting our natural environment through our actions and policies.

  • As an employer, we implement policies and take action to drive diversity and inclusion by providing an inclusive environment where all are empowered to share their diverse perspectives and experiences so we can ultimately be better together. Our policies, practices, programs, activities, and decisions regarding employment, hiring, assignment, promotion, compensation, volunteerism, and internships are not based on a person’s race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, mental or physical disability, ancestry, military discharge status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, source of income, parental status, housing status, or other protected status. We strongly encourage women, people of color, veterans, and individuals with disabilities to join the company, be a part of our vast professional network, and live our shared values.

Legal Compliance

Respect and uphold applicable local and international laws to the best of our abilities.

  Honor and review all internal policies for complete and responsible implementation.

  Ensure that all business transactions and relationships are legitimate, free of influence and bribery.

  Keep all partnerships and collaborations transparent and open.

  Recognize that privacy is a fundamental right, and we will comply with all privacy laws and expectations.

In addition, we will work whenever possible to ensure that we respect the ability for all to manage their personal data.

HYLMAN operates in several countries, and it is our intention to comply with all applicable legal requirements. Accordingly, if a provision of our Policy conflicts with applicable local legal requirements, we will work to develop country-specific policies in order to accommodate the differing local regulations/legal requirements.

CSR Objectives

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

We believe that our commitment to sustainability and ethics extends beyond our own work capabilities and should include the decisions we make as a company about the partners we align with, and the products and services we buy. Our purchasing policy takes sustainability and ethical sourcing into consideration throughout all stages of the buying cycle, and we encourage our teams to support local and small businesses to minimize carbon footprint and support local economies. We encourage our purchasing teams to consider ethical sourcing and sustainability across all purchases, including office products and supplies, food and beverage choices, and technology, hardware, and other capital equipment purchases. HYLMAN expects our suppliers to treat workers and employees with respect and fairness, to have suitable anti-slavery and human trafficking policies and procedures in place, and to act in accordance with applicable laws. To ensure alignment between our values and ethics and those of our suppliers, the HYLMAN Group plans to review source locations of our procurement partners and certain direct suppliers. As a first step, we canvass active suppliers located in Europe to assess their published commitment(s) to the prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking.

We conduct internal risk assessments on the HYLMAN Group operations by evaluating country risk in relation to office location and size, type of labor, and business operations. As part of our procurement policy, we expect all of our suppliers to abide by the same principles and codes of conduct that we have in place. Accordingly, our suppliers must either agree to adhere to our policies and codes or confirm their adherence to their own codes of business conduct that comprise the same principles. We will be implementing a “right to audit” clause in our standard terms or conditions to allow for oversight of compliance with these provisions

Protecting the Environment

HYLMAN values the natural environment and the need to protect it, as portrayed through its adherence to the international environmental management system standards, ISO 14001:2015, and best industry practices as a whole.

Keeping our environment unpolluted and clean is paramount to the success of our communities and business. We will always follow best practices when disposing of garbage, compost and recycling, and seek out working facilities that strive to minimize their carbon footprint through environmentally sustainable best practices.

Our Employees

We recognize the value of human relationships and put people at the heart of our business. We seek to treat all staff fairly and consistently, to create a workplace and business environment that is open, transparent, and trusted. Aligned with this approach, all members of the HYLMAN Group are required to conduct their activities in accordance with our codes and policies, including our Acceptable Use Policy, Data Protection and Security, Code of Conduct, and Anti-Harassment Policy, as they are implemented and updated from time to time.

HYLMAN respects all employees, and we strive to make their experience a positive one in all aspects of their relationship with the company. Our success is closely tied to their personal happiness, growth, development, and teamwork, and we work to assess, measure and support the personal and professional growth of our employees at all times, recognizing that the success of HYLMAN is led first by the success and happiness of our people.

We require our personnel to act according to the highest standards of honesty and integrity as well as comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, which extend to the protection of human rights and the prohibition of forced labor and human trafficking.

As a company, we will always ensure that we do not risk the health and safety of our employees and community, we avoid harming the lives or safety of local and indigenous people, and we respect the basic human rights of all people, involved in our business.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are deeply ingrained in all three aspects of our mission. These are core tenets to our business because they are aligned to our company’s ethics. These policies also have the added value of improving business performance. Studies show that more diverse teams perform better, and companies that have more inclusive environments also experience less turnover, have higher internal morale, and higher productivity rates from their employees. This commitment extends beyond the employee base to the highest levels of ownership and the executive team.

We believe successfully inclusive workplaces begin with thoughtful hiring and recruiting processes that reduce subconscious bias in candidate selection and increase the overall diversity of our workforce. We employ industry-leading methodologies, processes, and technology to attract diverse talent pools, counteract bias, and match the best talent to the needs of our clients. Our methodology includes publishing gender neutral job descriptions, scrubbing personally identifiable information from resumes before sending them to hiring managers, and using pre-employment assessments to identify skill set fit and physiological fit that candidates have for a given role. Our policies, practices, programs, activities, and decisions regarding employment, hiring, assignment, promotion, compensation, volunteerism, and internships are not based on a person’s race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability status, military status, sexual orientation, source of income, parental status, housing status, or other protected status. And to help foster the most inclusive climate possible, we provide ongoing diversity and inclusion training to all employees, not just our management teams. We believe this is the only way to truly shape a more safe, open, and productive work environment at all levels of our business.

Beyond our internal focus, we invest in and partner with companies and professional groups that share our values, and we make annual donations on behalf of our clients to organizations that are helping to shape a world in which the workplace is more inclusive. We are members of the National Diversity Council, and support organizations that work on behalf of those traditionally disadvantaged in the workplace. At HYLMAN, diversity and inclusion are not a one-time effort or training session. It is a commitment to continual learning, improvement, and action to do our part in stewarding a Future of Work that is beneficial and equitable for all.

Community Support

Our company initiates and supports community investments and educational programs, and our volunteering and philanthropy is driven through in internal team called the GO Council. The council is tasked with identifying organizations, volunteer events and day of service activities, donations and philanthropic funding candidates to support, and organizing all of these activities is part of an internal community effort inside the company. In order to provide greater focus for the GO Council, we organize our focus and activities around 4 primary pillars of support: homelessness, food insecurity, children, and animal welfare. We strive to invest more than 1,000 hours of time annually in support of these community causes.

HYLMAN encourages and provides events for employees, the network, and their families to volunteer. Through these programs (internal and external) we proactively improve our community and promote a culture of responsibility and giving across our company. HYLMAN sponsors volunteer events throughoutthe community but also hosts events on behalf of other organizations. And we organize internal fundraising and charitable campaigns when needed to support disaster relief or human rights crises and ensure all of our employees have a simple way to help.

Human Rights

HYLMAN is dedicated to protecting human rights. We practice and commit to equal opportunity employment and will always abide by fair labor practices. Additionally, HYLMAN will ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country (i.e. forced labor).

  We do not tolerate any form of modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business.

 The HYLMAN Group is committed to implementing and improving upon practices to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and throughout our business.

  Our policies and commitments, along with the due diligence, training, and reporting steps described in this statement, reflect our ongoing commitment to act ethically and with integrity in our business

relationships and to monitor our internal systems to prevent slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains.

We observe all international standards and principles relating to human rights within our business, including the International Bill of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the Children’s Rights and Business Principles. Additional detail on our position on human rights can be found in our Modern Slavery Transparency Act Statement.

Signed and approved by
Hassan and Yaman Al-Shama
Cofounders of HYLMAN

  • Hasan

    Founder & president