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A commitment to service quality

We follow a holistic, tailored, and thorough approach when it comes to our clients, from strategy and planning all the way to execution and beyond. This applies to our clients of all sizes, sectors, markets, and service lines.

We believe in maximizing the client’s benefits in the short term, at the same time ensure growth and sustainability in the long term. This is done by identifying all sources of value for the client not only on a local scale, but also on a global scale, as well as partnering with them so we can be always there to ensure their ongoing, maximized and increasing value.

We exercise optimized agility and efficiency to all our deployments, especially in this time where change is inevitable,and the environment can turn from safe to risky in a blink of an eye. The only way to achieve that is by ensuring around the clock support and ability to accommodate altering needs of the clients before, during and after an engagement.

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Take out unnecessary boundaries, hindering processes, obsolete techniques, and expensive applications.

Simplify the way to do things

Adapt instantly to any rapid change or development.

Create open opportunity to all regardless of background.

Connect people efficiently anywhere, anytime,and on the go.

Empower diversity and inclusion.

Renovate traditional working models.

Open the opportunity to all kinds of talents and skills.

Use intelligence to the advantage of human prosperity.

Contribute to the economic improvement of every geography, natural person, and legal entity.

Allow people and professionals to be independent from the obstacles of yesterday.

Retain, utilize, and invest in the 8 billion+ pool of minds of today and tomorrow.


Purpose & Principles

To remodel industries’ way of doing things with augmented efficiency through cutting edge intelligence, bespoke solutions, and advanced innovations.




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We're Hylman

HYLMAN Group, or hylman, is a SAS (Societe par actions Simplifiée) company based in Paris, France that operates in consulting services, R&D and hi-tech since August 2019. This Group is run by 2 brothers “Les Deux Frères” Hassan Al-Shama, Cofounder and CEO, and Yaman Al-Shama, Cofounder and General Director.

The goal of HYLMAN is to deliver cutting edge solutions and advanced technologies with the use of an everexpanding, vast and diverse network of talents, improved models and methodologies, systematic and experiential intelligence, and learning capabilities that can help professionals in the B2B sectors and consumers in the C2C sectors, while simplifying the processes of traditional operations served to the international audience.

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Our pillars


We are committed to sustainable and inclusive growth

Working hand in hand with the best in the business to ensure sustainable and socially responsible growth.

    Innovating to net zero
    Investing in future leaders
    Developing a thriving workforce
    Making a case for a new kind of growth

KAIZEN Change for the better

HYLMAN puts forth techniques, processes, and methodologies to ensure the clients are receiving the right level of support beyond the flaws of man, technology or the environment.

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The trainer
Ademola Odebiyi (BA, MA, Chartered FCIPD)
Ademola Odebiyi (BA, MA, Chartered FCIPD)
Leadership and Management
Training session

He is a commercially aware management consultant with over 20 years experience gained working within EMEA and Southeast Asian countries. His traini..

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The trainer
Georgios Papailiou
Georgios Papailiou
Business Planning
Training session

Georgios is an experienced supply chain & operational consultant. Former Vodafone Operations he has held leadership positions in multinational compani..

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The trainer
Robin Zaragoza
Robin Zaragoza
Finance for non finance managers
Training session

Robin is an experienced strategy consultant. Former PwC/Strategy & and Accenture, he has held leadership positions in multinational companies, as well..

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HYLMAN Experiences

All complexities, one form, highest satisfaction.

Putting the right team of diverse experts at all times to meet the requirements of the clients, and more, using a mix of best industry practices and knowledge implementation.
We do that with HYLMAN’s overarching principles for clients’ betterness, well-being and growth.

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One Global Market

We strive for diversity across the globe

Enabling people to be the best they can be to unleash maximum potential through inclusion, collectiveness, and collaboration to achieve optimized outcomes.

  • 100,000+

    Diverse Talents Worldwide
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With the resources and firepower at our disposal, we support clients of any size, type, market, industry or sector and enable growth, change, improvement and complete transformation.

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Maintaining a top calibre team is not only our work, but also what every talent contributes when joining Hylman. Do you feel like an enabler of change, growth and unprecedented value? Join us.

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Competitive Assets

We focus on resolving industry limitations, weaknesses and obstacles whilst achieving optimal efficiency, intelligence and comprehensive firepower that in turn maximizes the value of the clients.

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Explosive growth, exceeding expectations, stronger team, larger network, further globalization, enablers of tomorrow.

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