Smart, Intelligent, Ingenious

Group of Intelligent Projects Remodeling Global Industries Efficiently

Who we are

HYLMAN Group of Companies is a twinkling star in the business field, with its leading performance in various business spheres in a very short span of time. The foundation of this group was led by two brothers believing in the same vision, experienced in Real Estate, Advisory, Technology, Automotive, and General Trading.

Certified by International Standards

What we do


Our mission is creating simply smart projects with intelligent applications in stagnant industries. Basically to keep innovating until our lights fade out.


To become a major player in helping professionals and talented individuals from all walks of life to have a voice and access to opportunities in the plethora of fields and industries.


We keep innovating without stopping. We listen to your voice as well. Any new seed on the improvement sphere, we will be there holding the torch and shovel to dig it out. Join us, walk with us, and let’s grow together.

Our Projects



A private artificially intelligent smart consulting system and multi-platform for organizations and top consultants.

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All inclusive intelligent classifieds structure connecting providers and seekers to all kinds of goods and services worldwide.

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