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HYLMAN creates cutting edge and bespoke solutions at every turn redesigning traditional concepts with a talented, intellectually focused, and ingeniously innovative team that maintains strategic and operational excellence that our company is known for and proud of.

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HYLMAN Group, or hylman, is a SAS (Societe par actions Simplifiée) company based in Paris, France that operates in consulting services, R&D and hi-tech since August 2019. This Group is run by 2 brothers “Les Deux Frères” Hassan Al-Shama, Cofounder and CEO, and Yaman Al-Shama, Cofounder and General Director.

The goal of HYLMAN is to deliver cutting edge solutions and advanced technologies with the use of an everexpanding, vast and diverse network of talents, improved models and methodologies, systematic and experiential intelligence, and learning capabilities that can help professionals in the B2B sectors and consumers in the C2C sectors, while simplifying the processes of traditional operations served to the international audience.

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We are committed to sustainable and inclusive growth

Working hand in hand with the best in the business to ensure sustainable and socially responsible growth.

    Innovating to net zero
    Investing in future leaders
    Developing a thriving workforce
    Making a case for a new kind of growth

HYLMAN - Trusted by

Management Consultancy

Framework 3 - RM6187

Request for quotation or proposal from UK's £4 billion framework of top achieving consultancies.

HYLMAN signifies the most advanced solution and competitive offer.

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Business Growth Advisory

And Export Journeys

Supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs in Ireland for rapid and well sustainable growth. HYLMAN signifies the use of innovation and sustainable business strategies for all SMEs.

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Commercial Procurement and

Project Delivery Framework

Get direct support from UK's largest commercial procurement and project delivery framework. HYLMAN signifies the most efficient procurement and effective project delivery.

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  • Our team is open minded and capable to deliver your project wherever you might be
  • We empower diversity and internationalization, and will reflect that to maximize your results
  • A Group with unlimited human and artificial capabilities ready to mobilise at your command
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