About Hylman


Hassan Al-Shama

(Founder & President)

IB, BBA, MBA, Grade de Master, LLM


Yaman Al-Shama

(Cofounder and Director General)

BBA, MBA, Grade de Master, LLM

Hylman is a next-generation parent company based in Paris, France that houses revolutionary projects in stagnant industries with the utilization of hi-tech, artificially intelligent, and smart systems. All projects stem from a deep understanding of the industry, it’s needs, and challenges, rooted from our personal long-term experiences. From Advisory to Real Estate to Automotive and General Trading. From a brief overview, systematic changes are a necessary push for an idealistic approach, with the constant adaptation to improvements and environmental alterations. We take one step at a time, striving to creating the world’s next need for the professional audience.

Tomorrow’s technology, today’s application.

“Jump on the train, it’s never too late, for that if it was missed, you will need to wait at the train stop for the next train that will, maybe, come.”